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Friend sent me this. A very good breakdown of the quasi-religious nature of things.

(BTW, the term “Branch Covidians” is a textbook Scott Adams style “linguistic kill shot”. Absolutely brilliant.)

This gets to the root of what’s bothered me from day one (as in 14 months ago, more or less). We’ve never had any discussion of risk/reward or proportionality when it comes to our response to covid. We’ve never even been allowed to have that discussion. Anyone who suggests that that some measure might be more costly than it’s worth is immediately shouted down.

And more particularly, for all the bleating about “The Science”, we’re never allowed to actually use science to address those questions. If you ask, for example, “What are the intermediate and long term costs of keeping children out of school for a year?”, the answer is “So, you’re saying you want grandma to die.”

Anyway, all this comes from a twitter account called “@statomattic”:

I had an epiphany last night. Since vaccines came available, there’s been an odd phenomenon: Many of the most ardent pro-lockdown, pro-mask zealots show euphoric excitement – sometimes to the point of tears – at receiving a COVID vaccine. They share photos far and wide.

And then, having received the vaccine, they go straight back to double masking, staying isolated, and shaming all who don’t do the same that the vaccine changes nothing. If you truly believe the vaccine works, this makes no sense. If you don’t, why were you so excited to get it?

This is obviously unscientific and seems irrational. Up until now, my theory has been that these most ardent zealots have completely lost touch with rational cost-benefit analysis and are effectively living “virtually,” a meme and narrative based existence where selfie = truth.

Under this theory, the signal is the entire ballgame. Reality is never discerned. I still think this is a large part of the story, but it still bothered me how reality could be discarded so completely.

The epiphany: I was looking at their decisions as rational, not religious.   I was using the wrong lens. COVID mania (Fauciism) is – as I have argued elsewhere – a godless form of religion, a cult. While it preaches a veneer of “The Science™,” it is in actuality entirely faith-based.

Looking at the attitudes to vaccinations this way, it all makes sense. Look at what a vaccination involves for a true believer:

1) Typically performed by a credentialed professional after you confirm you want it. Usually at a predetermined day and time.

2) A source of pride and renewal, so much so that it often moves the believer to tears.

3) Is seen as an indispensable statement of faith by an adult. A rite of passage. Anyone in the faith who has NOT done it should, ASAP.

4) It is most satisfying as a public display of faith (hence the selfies), typically celebrated and congratulated by other flock members.

5) It is intertwined with promises of eternal life.

6) The rite of passage is NOT intended or expected to markedly change the daily actions of the believer, who is expected to continue to publicly be a shining beacon of the faith.

7) While the believer’s faith (in this case belief in The Science™ made tangible in the form of a vaccination) is what saves, the believer’s earthly works (in this case masks/distancing) will continue to reflect the faith, and may even intensify.

8) Faith without works is dead.

All eight points above describe, perfectly, two things: The attitude of ardent Fauciists towards vaccines, and Christian baptism. Thus, the implication of my epiphany: For true believing Branch Covidians, vaccination is a BAPTISM. Baptism by injection.

Viewed in this context, the seemingly irrational attitudes surrounding vaccination become intelligible. The lockdown and mask zealots DO believe, deeply, that vaccines work. However, they ALSO believe that a faith without works is a dead faith. Outward expressions must continue.   These outward expressions, of course, are the masks and enforced distancing. This is why the zealots so dearly resist letting them go, even post-vaccination. You are denying them the signifiers of their faith.

This all explains the seemingly inexplicable fervor we are against.   Two quick caveats: 1) This applies to the true zealots, not reluctant compliers who genuinely do want us to return to normal. Because the zealots are more loud than numerous, I am very optimistic. 2) I do believe the vaccines work, but shouldn’t be mandated or coerced.From John Smith

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