RE: Woke Religion

Cloistering at this point isn’t going to give me any comfort.From millring

I don’t know about that, John.  Monks join monasteries because they’re sick of this shit and just want to make great beer and keep their mouths shut … except to drink beer.  They usually use different language than that when they answer the question on the form that says “Why do you want to join our monastery?” But some of them stay there forever, apparently contented.  I have essentially cloistered myself — maybe seceded is the better word — in that I no longer want to engage with my ex-friends who hated Trump and demanded that I justify my not hating him, too.  I no longer ever want to visit NYC or San Fran again.  Portland?  Shirley, you jest.  Texas is the greatest place on Earth for me personally. I’ll tour the hill country west of Austin, and visit my daughter and her family in San Diego once or twice a year. But we are in a civil war and I am not going to engage unless I see a benefit to me and to my “side.”   I have a beer in the fridge called Paulaner Salvator. I will have one tonight and pray that you remain in my monastery.–UNmXIwPh8s-nqx9DW4vdIyvr9xE3xoCY3oQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds


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