RE: Woke Religion

Virginia’s turned into a real social experiment of a state in the last couple of years, starting with the big 2nd Amendment Sanctuary stuff. Out here we look to the east with amazement. Just had a guy in this morning working to set us us with some nice propane fireplaces to prevent a “Texas” (and because the wife thinks it’s so cool and who am I to argue?) I mean what the hell else am I supposed to do with the COVID relief money the government insists on sending me? He and his helper guy- no masks, no COVID bullshit, nothing.

One of the most distinctive things I noticed in moving here from the industrial North is that people here seemed to learn something getting their ass kicked in the Civil War. Racism? What the hell you talking about? I’ve never seen more interracial marriages than when I came here.

And flight from the big cities? They’re all coming here. Our property values are rockin’.

Restaurants are closed where you are? Hell, here restaurants are doing record business even if it’s all carry out. Turns out we’re big tippers too. Just because we care.

And then there’s the DMV. A whole different planet.


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