RE: Woke Religion

What is really going on here? I think that, at bottom, some of the population, none of it conservative, too much of it young, shallow, and idealistic, now sets equity and equality as higher values than liberty. The former are more traceable to Marx than to Madison, Hamilton or Jay. I don’t want to scream “communism!” at every progressive initiative, but what else can I do?

“All men are created equal” does appear in the Declaration, but not in the constitution. There is the constitutional guarantee of “equal protection of the laws,” and I of course read that more narrowly than does any progressive one might name. To the sane, it means everyone has the same right to speak, and to apply to publicly funded grad schools and for public benefits and government contracts. It does not mean that we must do away with testing and grading and thereby cram down racial diversity on institutions of higher learning. And why not cram it down on every corporation doing business with the government? Reality is that white and Asian males will continue to be be disproportionately represented in some disciplines — and there is more than one reason for that — absent affirmative action.

People are free to amend the constitution and cram down equality on everyone, though God knows who decides what is equal and equitable in case of a dispute, say as between female athletes and trans athletes or trams athletes and states like SD, who have already said “no” to trans females in girls’ sports. (Was this hard?)

My query is whether “liberty” means anything at all anymore, other than physical liberty from prison. I think liberty’s related values of freedom of association, if speech and of contract are in danger of falling before the equality police.  

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