RE: Woke Religion

I am very close to just folding my arms, and sitting back with a good bourbon in hand to watch the whole experiment collapse. Having had a front row seat for exactly that ┬áprocess in academia (as I type, the department that I work for at the state school is under threat of discontinuation–and this is a department that has a fantastic record of post-grad employment, deep ties to the community, a *highly* visible and national-class faculty, 160 majors, and a recognition from the state as a center of excellence–one of only 3 departments in the school so Honored. They’ve already shit canned a bunch of stuff, including econ, masters in math, journalism, and a number of other things that one might find surprising–all because people with PhDs in art history and english lit turned out the be wholly unskilled at managing large organizations of people with multi-million dollar budgets. I mean, nobody saw that one coming, right? actually, El J did: the wayback/pepperidgefarm machine remembers his calls to alarm over the bursting bubble back when I was on the SH the first time.)

But, of course, we still have the diversity VP, department, and staff.

On that topic, each org VP is required to give a report to the senate at each meeting; the minutes are revealing. Most VPs are reporting something of considerable consequence to the future funding and organization of the university, eg. program discontinuation, legislative priority, BOT decisions, union contract re-negotiations under emergent conditions, etc. As I collect senate minutes in a desktop file of .PDFs, one can see an emerging pattern of the VP of D&I reporting a new zoom event/training/speaker on race, gender, or non-gender each report, in cyclical fashion. There is a lot see by merely looking.

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