RE: Woke Religion

The current pro-trans hysteria arises from the fact that there are fewer and fewer disfavored minorities left anymore.

One can’t very well scream about racial or sexual or religious or national origin discrimination anymore, because that’s been outlawed (in commerce and government, at least, if not in private social arrangements) for several decades. 

When exactly did transphobia become a serious societal problem screaming for cancellation of people like JK Rowling and requiring corrective legislation?

There is no law — yet — against anti-trans discrimination, to the extent it exists, and so “obviously” we need one, even if few can think of an instance of genuine discrimination against them.  If you oppose this legislation, no matter your reason, then obviously you hate trans or fear people.  Get it?

My concern is not that transexuals will come and eat me or rape me.  I have no problem with them, though I’ve only known one, and she was a-political and cordial, not to mention competent (computer repair).  My concern is with social justice warriors who never run out of ideas for legislation and protest.

What’s next for the SJW?  I can see future legislation against fat bias or … what is it called … “sight bias,” I think, which says that employers, if left to their own devices, will prefer and favor a pretty woman measuring 36-24-36, to an ugly, obese woman.  The horror.  

Airlines might someday have to treat the star of “My 600 pound life” the same as they treat a 99 pound long distance runner.   Charging the obese more, or refusing to let them board, might be illegal.  And if they can’t pay?  Why charge them anything, unless you just hate poor people?

I’m not sure  but that the person wearing glasses in the side by side photos above will not be able to sue Victoria’s Secret in the future if it refuses to put her on the cover of their catalogs.  Wearing a thong.  (Un-see that if you can.) 

Do I say discrimination is good?  I say, it really depends.  Legislation to outlaw it is rarely good.

I’d go so far as to say the southern lunch counters would have gradually desegregated even without the civil rights act.  Slavery would have withered away without the civil war.












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