RE: Woke Religion

I am all for people living as they wishFrom Sidhedude

Exactly. But that has to be reciprocated. I have little patience for people who tell me I’m a bigot if I use the term “breast feeding” instead of the new and approved “chest feeding”, for example.

My message to everyone is pretty much “I’ll leave you alone to do your thing. Just leave me alone to do mine.”

And that’s the problem today. Those of us with a general “keep to your own business” attitude on life are being aggressively targeted. It’s not enough to essentially ignore the fact that Bruce Jenner decided to transition to Kaitlyn Jenner, which is my inclination. No, we are compelled under pain of social (and in many jurisdictions, legal) sanction to celebrate Kaitlyn Jenner. What’s more, we are demanded to affirm that Kaitlyn Jenner is a real woman, indistinguishable from any other human female. Further, we are demanded to believe that “the person who is now Kaitlyn Jenner” was always a real woman. That person didn’t used to be a man. That person was always a woman.

That’s just insane, and I won’t play along.

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