RE: Woke Religion

On the Carano thing, Gina has signed on with Shapiro’s daily wire to produce movie content. The daily wire is seeing a resultant jump in subscriptions; offering 25% off using the code “Gina.”

There is an hour interview on dailywire’s youtube channel discussing this; it seems that Carano’s life experience has been more deep than wide, and it’s also clear that there is an underground backlash on this whole deal.

I’m going to go ahead and throw a basic subscription their way just out of principle. It’s cheaper than netflix—which hasn’t produced a ton of stuff that I like watching beyond the karate kid nostalgia reboot.

At any rate, one thing that Carano and I have in common is a deep dislike of both bullies and mob mentality. It appears that we may not be in the minority. I’ll take a ray of light where I can find it.

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