RE: Woke Religion

As a Trump supporter I think Trump support is wildly misunderstood. It’s really not about Right vs. Sort of Right vs. Moderately Left vs. Left vs. Communist vs. Libertarian vs. Ford vs. Chevy, etc.

It’s about Them vs. Us in terms of inside the Beltway vs. The Rest of Us. I don’t think most people can even sort what the hell the endless policy minutae even means in real time.

But they know they’ve been taking it up the ass for decades. And the current structure of democracy gives them nothing. No control. Different shades of essentially puke gray with a bunch of folks in charge that don’t know them from Adam.

Trump changed all that. Simple goals. Timeless. The ability to make an honest living. And keep most of it. Close the illegal immigration flood gates. Etc. But mostly turn government by the people and for the people back over to the people. All people.

If you get that, you’ll quite likely get everything opinion surveys never get around to asking.

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