RE: Why nothing matters.

That’s an interesting thought that I’ve been pondering all weekend, but I just can’t get on board with the inherent doom and gloom involved. I know it’s only half thought out and not very articulate, but I see inherent diversity in time and space as the ultimate savior of humanity. Essentially the same thing that keeps me away from despairing over the current US political situation. Yes, it looks like we’re teetering on the edge of totalitarianism, but this country is so unique that it’s a confederation of 50 pretty big entities that don’t all seem to move the same way.

So yes, there will be something new and potentially fatal down the road, but there’s probably a half century between invention and significant adoption- enough to destroy humanity anyways. For every Bezos inspired tech innovation that sucks many in, there’s more folks in Montana that couldn’t give a shit because it means nothing to them at that time.

Again, not well articulated or well thought out, but it’s what keeps me moving forward.

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