RE: Turns Out Global Warming Spikes In Pandemic

I bet if we pandemic a little harder, we’ll get those numbers right down.

That’s something that gives me pause in all this. There has long been a deep current of anti-human in the environmental movement. Goes back at least to Malthus.

The zeal with which lockdowns, etc have been embraced fits in there somewhere. And I don’t mean by “the elites”. I mean by the public. Some people are positively begging for more restrictions.

“If we can’t get rid of you people, we can at least lock you in your homes”.

The fact that such thinking was reflexively embraced by so many is chilling.

I’m getting ready to head out. The brother of one of my daughter’s friend’s ended his personal pandemic last night. In his bathroom. Ugly. Blood everywhere. Someone has to clean it up.

The professionals want thousands for a cleanup job like that. I’m doing it for nothing to help out the family in their time of trouble.

This is all so messed up. Our collective enthusiasm for treating people in the most inhumane way possible is horrible. We need some Jesus up in here.

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