RE: Three Peoples Theory

FWIW, part of my thinking vis-a-vis “Soulcraft” guy goes something like this:

Over the coming century, the world will come to look at US based products in a manner analogous to how we look at Swiss made stuff today.

Large volume/mass market manufacturing is going away (from the US, that is). By and large, it already has. Successful US companies will make prestige items at premium prices in small quantities.

There is an emerging middle class in India and China (and elsewhere) that will look to boutique US manufacturers for prestige/luxury goods.

That is part of where my motorcycle parts business is coming from. If you’re some middle manager in some city in China, and you’ve climbed the ladder enough that you can afford a genuine Harley Davidson motorcycle (a total “look at me!!!” purchase), do you want to slap some cheapo, Made in Taiwan derby cover on it? No. You want a genuine, Made In America, custom made, hand crafted work of art. And you’ll be happy to pay for it. In fact, the more you pay, the better you’ll feel, because what you are buying is exclusivity.

I predict there will be millions of those guys.

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