RE: This article hit me. Goes towards explaining why a lot of my regular socializing buds

A few years ago, Angie and I did a weekender on the ElectraGlide. Spent a couple of nights at the Argo Hotel in Crofton, Nebraska.

Place was built I’m 1910, and has masonry walls a foot thick. That detail is relevant in that it explains how we slept through what must have been a real mf’er of a thunderstorm that swept through on our first night.

I’m an early riser. When I looked out the window, I saw a huge old tree that had been knocked over at its base, lying against someone’s house.

Got dressed and went to check on the bike. It was fine, but if the tree had fallen the other direction, we would have been taking Greyhound back to Omaha.

Here’s the cool part: Around 7:30, guys with pickup trucks and chain saws started showing up. Within an hour, there was at least a dozen of them. They spontaneously organized the cleanup effort, which was made a little tricky by the way the tree was leaning against the house.

By noon, the tree was cut up, loaded up, and hauled away.

The only thing remarkable about that is that there was nothing remarkable about it. That’s just how things are done in Crofton, Nebraska.

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