RE: They’re not confessing. They’re bragging.

What’s got me baffled is the whole insistence on another impeachment next week. What could you possibly hope to accomplish?

The charge is nothing more than bogus inflated rhetoric. It’s pretty clear it’s unconstitutional (except to media shills looking for some kind of sliver of doubt to cling to). Roberts isn’t showing up so the “judge” will be some kind of loud mouth Democrat claiming he can be fair. The “evidence” continues to crumble as it looks more and more (even according to the FBI) like the “riot” was prepped before the January 6th by people not remotely associated with Trump support and it kicked off before Trump was finished speaking. Democrats have wedged themselves into the rock and a hard place space where the more they bloviate, the more time Trump has to relitigate all the fraud evidence. And at this point there’s no turning back.

WTF were you thinking?

Hubris. It can’t end well.

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