RE: The Devil Made Me Do It, your Honor

This gets directly to something I’ve been observing for years.

When the nutjob in Arizona went and did some nutjob stuff (the Gabby Giffords shooting), the media went into a frenzy blaming it on Sarah Palin.

When the nutjob in Virginia went and did some nutjob stuff (the Congressional softball practice / Steve Scalise shooting), it was just a nutjob doing nutjob stuff.

Throughout 2020, we saw rioting and looting in multiple cities across the country, with the explicit support of certain politicians.

On Jan 6, we saw a bunch of people getting lathered up and storming the Capitol.

All of which is to say, the idea that political violence/mob intimidation is asymmetric is nonsensical. 

More to the point, the media thinks they can paint that picture…that Jan 6 was a near death experience for democracy itself, but burning/looting/shooting in any other context means nothing…and people will go along with that framing.

Which is to say, my ongoing observation of the absoluteness of media bias being the D’s biggest weakness continues. They are literally incapable of seeing what is plainly in front of their own eyes.

(I wish I had more time to write all of the preceding in a coherent fashion, but I’m pretty backed up so do your best and read between the lines, secure in the knowledge that had I taken the time, you would find it exceptionally insightful. 🙂 )

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