RE: Speaking of the power of suggestion: the Chauvin trial (Floyd)

Sid, how does the population in the Portland area break down on these law enforcement and BLM issues?  I saw a few episodes of Portlandia and have the impression that the SJW’s, antifa kids, and extreme postmodernists are outliers that everyone else, presumably 85% liberal Democrats, tolerates with good humor and maybe a tad of guilt, because they make the place funky or something.  Are you able to express aloud, on campus and with fellow teachers and neighbors, your concerns that law enforcement isn’t sufficiently respected and that it isn’t necessary to burn down the whole city to protest “systemic racism”?

I am in suburban north Texas, where support for LE goes without saying, though there are a few “Hate Has No Home Here” signs.  (Sometimes I feel like knocking on those doors and asking who exactly hates whom?)

I practice law in east Texas, about an hour from here, where Blue Lives Matter flags adorn every other front yard, and I don’t think “Hillary for President” yard signs are even allowed.    There are STILL Trump flags flying in front yards.  I say “yards” … they look more like the front 10 acres of what are no doubt heavily armed compounds with serious, and large, guard dogs. 

As a joke, I once went into this salvage/antique/junk shop in Quitman, Texas, looking for cast iron skillets to restore.  The bearded guy behind the counter, which was filled with survival knives, old hand grenades, confederate fridge magnets, and WW2 medals, etc. looked like one of the guys on Duck Dynasty.   There was a huge MAGA banner outside. I had my suit on and told him I was from the Hillary Clinton campaign and “sure would appreciate your support!”  He said something to the effect of “You’re a-huntin’ for votes in the wrong place, pardner.” He wasn’t kidding, but he knew that I was and we became fast friends.  My brother advises that I stop doing stuff like that in East Texas, but I can’t help it.



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