RE: Speaking of the power of suggestion: the Chauvin trial (Floyd)

I agree with everything said above, by all 3 of you gents.

Here’s a bit of nerd trivia/inside baseball for you all, since Rodney King just came up:

When that whole shit show was going on, and the cops were wailing on RK—who went something like 6’3’’ and 220 or so at the time of the event, having recently spent time in the taxpayer funded weight training program for armed robbers—with their batons, one of the officers (Tim Wind) was a lateral to LAPD who had come from Kansas—a state that just so happens to be home to the national law enforcement training center. At this center, the guy who codified the “lateral vascular neck restraint” (Judoka and combat vet Jim Lindell) trained literally thousands of police in the proper, 3-stage use of a carotid restriction hold. Kansas City cops alone have applied the technique over a quarter of a million times since the certifications started, and they’ve never hurt, killed, or payed out a dime on a settlement on anyone that has had the technique applied against them. 

So there they are, after the taser has failed multiple times, hitting King over and over with batons, while King shrugs most of it off. Officer Wind literally has time to lean over to the senior officer present (Stacey Koon) and ask “can I just LVNR this guy and put an end to this? We can stop this right now…” to which Koon responds “No, because we are no longer authorized for the technique” (in so many words). 

Point being, the riots never would have happened if LA had not been on the forefront of this trend of disallowing a valid technique. 

All this is in the trial transcripts somewhere.

Talk about the Cobra effect. Rayshard Brooks (Atlanta Wendys drunk guy) is another such victim of the same lack of tools/options, among many.

And so it goes…

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