RE: Speaking of the power of suggestion: the Chauvin trial (Floyd)

I can’t help but see the cost of owning the narrative coming to the fore here.

The prosecution seems ill prepared. I dare say there may have been a culture among the prosecutors thay kept individuals from speaking up during their preparations. They were so convinced, collectively, that this was a slam dunk, any opinion to the effect of “that might sell with the talking heads on MSNBC, but it’s going to be tough to prove in court” may have gone unspoken.

We know Keith Ellison is as partisan as it gets.

But really, something far worse has already been lost.

In my grandmother’s world, if you set a sequence of actions into motion through your own stupid or criminal behavior, it was understood that whatever outcome you ended up enjoying was all on you.

Running around with drug dealers, trying to use phoney bills to buy cigarettes, fighting with the police…grandma understood that that’s the sort of behavior that will bring ruination upon you. If not today, then eventually.

But we can’t say that. We’re supposed to pretend that George Floyd’s life would be just great, today, if only he had managed to avoid the bad fortune of running into Chauvin.

Pointing out that all Floyd had to do was NOT put that cascade into motion…that is what we’ve lost.

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