RE: So, Sidhedude, what are you hearing

I read the Vice piece, too. Other than thier obviously ridiculous biases showing (c’mon, Proud Boys destroyed Portland? Are you serious?) I just can’t quite take the open civil war projections too seriously at this point. I think there’s got to be some kind of population (or technical surrogate) density metric for sucessful war taught in military schools that ultimately says you’ve got to have so many hostile bodies per square mile before a civil war can actually gain enough traction to light off. And the US doesn’t have that across 90% or so of the countries land mass.

I see that fact and the increasing mobility of the work force thanks to COVID as a death knell for many of the big cities in this country. But most of the country will simply watch it on TV until the squealing stops. I see the right wing crazies in the country continuing to be pretty much the equivalent of the Nazis in the “Blues Brothers” movie, still moving around and making noise, but not being able to actually do more than drive thier Pinto off the end of the not-quite-completed overpass into space. I mean, they theoretically live around here and I can’t name a single one.

And now that we’ve been cheated in this election, ironically one of Trump’s maybe greatest legacies, we just ain’t playing anymore. I’d look for more of the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary push back against DC and anything they want to do.

But I don’t see war.


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