RE: So, Sidhedude, what are you hearing

You might recall that I pedal an unusually clean ‘86 Townie. I have a couple of Canadian friends who’ve rode around in both the back and front seats. One of them used to be a contributing editor of Canada’s only gun magazine. Great guy. At the onset of the GWOT, he took advantage of Canada’s protectionist laws that give priority to Canadian companies. At the time, there were no manufacturers of AR-15 platform rifles in Canada, so he and the other magazine guy bought the gear and started a company making rifles for the Canadian forces, who were then instantly required to buy them, instead of US made Colts. At some early point, the Gov’t said “hey, how about we take this company off your hands” so they liquidated, and my buddy spent his half buying a chunk of a private island. He still has a day job, but he’s got the most killer vacay getaway known to the common man. At any rate the best of Canadians are really something. There aren’t many people alive that I respect more than that guy. Right now, he’s building a skiff, by hand, to get out to the island, just because he wanted a second boat and was bored. He laid it out in his bedroom, because he needed the flat floor space—temperature controlled—to epoxy the sides, which he then sent out off the 2nd story balcony with pulleys, because there was no way to get the long sides of a skiff out the bedroom door. 😀 I freaking love that guy. Actually, he’s the first dude I thought of when the idea of inviting other free thinkers to join here came up.

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