RE: Pelosi home in San Francisco

I have a friend who lives in the house next door to McMorris Rodgers local place. She says that Rep M R is almost never there. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pelosi is seldom on the property.

Interesting to note the anarchy/antifa signs on either side of the message. They got Mitch McConnell’s place too. People are dreaming if they think there is a “side” to current events. Sides are old-school; now it’s just intersecting facets. 

At any rate, what I’ve said before: you can create Frankenstein’s monster, you can shelter Frankenstein’s monster, but you can’t control Frankenstein’s monster. 

Next up: this cools down, and the mob returns in a while to take some of Pelosi and McConnell’s shit when they aren’t looking. It’ll go on from there; spirals are almost never static. JMO.


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