RE: On the topic of free speech online: the Parler complaint looks very similar to Thanks for pointing to it.

I follow Andrew Sullivan and Glenn Greenwald on Substack.

Time to dig in to as well. (Although I have to confess, I find Dave Rubin to be pretty insufferable. Good news is I’m so in love with Tulsi Gabbard, she more than makes up for that.)

As a general matter, I think the summary execution of Parler is going to prove to be an inflection point. No telling where this lands, but I wonder if we aren’t seeing a return to something more like the online experience from 20+ years ago. By which I mean, fewer centralized websites (eg, Facebook and Twitter) and more independent sites with more “concentrated” opinion centers.

So in five years, it may be that Twitter and Parler  both exist, with largely non-overlapping user bases. 


In a related story, Joe Ricketts (rich guy and founder of what turned into TD Ameritrade) announced the formation of “Straight Arrow News”. His professed intent is to have a non-partisan, non-biased, “just the facts, ma’am” news feed.

Since it’s to be based here in Omaha, I wish him all the best. 


Those Germans! They do love a good camp, don’t they? I think Merkel needs to have a conversation with her PR people. Maybe they should call them “Isolation Spas”.





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