RE: On Cuomo, and the infamous nursing home debacle

I’m inclined to a fairly generous treatment of Cuomo on the policy itself.

I suppose there is the possibility that it is every bit as bad as some might claim. That is, that Cuomo willingly and knowingly ordered a policy that would inevitably kill people, with the intention that horrific numbers of deaths would be pinned on Trump. That’s not impossible.

But I’m more inclined to the view that he is just stupid. Nothing special about him there. That is my default assumption about all politicians. For those who are the product of nepotism, that goes double. In any event, his stupidity, combined with the generally low level of knowledge at the time, resulted in a catastrophic error of judgement.

All that said, it also seems clear that his administration deliberately cooked the numbers in order to avoid giving Trump an “I told you so” opportunity. That is unforgivable.


One thing that doesn’t impress me is the media deciding to turn on him now. This seems more than a little theatrical. It is designed to bolster their “we report honestly on all sides” bona fides, when the reality is they know they can crush him because the state is safely blue.

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