RE: Omaha World Herald Editorial on Capitol Rioting

I know from hard fought (and lost) experience in the Swamp exactly what Trump is going through. Someone a while back compared him to Churchill. Same maverick outsider stuff that made Winston great in holding Britain together in the Nazi onslaught.

Same person said that once the war was over, the English turned on Winston and threw him out. They grew weary of the personality that had fought the war and opted for less combative milquetoast.

The writer lamented that pretty much the same story was probably going to happen to Trump although at that point he figured he’d make it to term 2 before being reviled.

However, even though many English to this day continue to pillory Churchill, the rest of the world sees greatness.

If he makes it 12 days without being impeached, he may be back in 2024. Regardless, he’s changed DC and the country, possibly forever, and will similarly go down in the history books.

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