RE: Omaha emergency services part of Nashville AT&T disruption.

It’s still early on. Hopefully more answers will be forthcoming, because everyone likes reasons, and tidy bows.

There’s stuff floating that this guy briefly had an explosive handler’s permit, that he let expire. He also had an alarm installer’s permit—whatever that is—that he let expire. No indication yet that either helped with his employment. Maybe this guy is just wired so differently that he actually was planning and working towards this since the 90s. That would be hard for me to wrap my brain around, but then, I also realize that not everyone is wired like me.

And what’s the deal with this Michelle Swing that he left two properties to?  So weird. 

Honestly, we know very little new info, beyond knowing the “who” that was in the RV onsite.  Maybe this guy really is that different, driven, and organized from most people. Maybe we aren’t being told the whole story.  In either case, it’s looking to have as much in common on that front with the Mandalay Bay shooting in Vegas, as anything: sometimes, as disconcerting as it is, we just don’t get reasons, wrapping, and bows.

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