RE: Omaha emergency services part of Nashville AT&T disruption.

You both have re-affirmed my desire to simply avoid the news. I have to credit Peter with that idea, and it works out. In general, my sense of things is that if something sufficiently noteworthy happens, news of it will find its way to me. Otherwise, the day to day machinations are entirely ignorable.

I did take a few minutes this morning to update myself on Nashville. I don’t have a lot of confidence in whatever is out there at the moment, but the general sense I gained is of a very troubled guy. Weird stuff about a real estate dispute with his mother, being afraid of 5G technology, etc. So is that the truth, or is that the “convenient lie authorities want us to believe”? No idea.

I have zero sense of what it would take to assemble a bomb of that magnitude. Explosives just aren’t my thing. All I know about them is what I learned in the aftermath of OKC. Which is to say, I know the term “ANFO” and that’s about it.

Didn’t they put regulations in place post OKC where manufacturers are required to put tracer chemicals in fertilizer? I seem to recall reading something about that at the time. Don’t know if that happened, or if it’s still being done. Anyway, if official sources are to be believed, most of that is moot now, right? They have the guy. (Or at least as much of the guy as they could scrape out of the rubble, as it were.)

Or do they? It seems like the speculation now is whether this is truly “lone nutjob” or if he had accomplices. That goes back to my ignorance of the mechanics involved. My assumption is that constructing a bomb of that magnitude is no small task, and there will be lots of evidence of this guy (these guys?) procuring all the various materials, etc.


I’m still struck by how far this guy went to avoid killing anyone. I’ve read speculation that he was the one who fired the various salvos of gunshots prior to the event, with the intent of making sure lots of LEO showed up…not to sucker them into a trap, but to make sure they were on scene with plenty of time to evacuate everyone. If that’s more or less how it went down, it baffles me. And I guess in a good way. Makes me wonder what the death toll would have been had he just driven to the location and set off the bomb without warning.


So far there doesn’t seem to be any particular ideological or partisan attachment here. For the sake of everyone, that’s a blessing. It also makes me wonder how many people have been pushed over the edge of despair by the events of 2020 (not saying that explains Nashville guy, just speculating), and whether or not we will be seeing more of this as a result.

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