RE: Omaha emergency services part of Nashville AT&T disruption.

It’s a meaningful movement to monetize eyeballs. Totally media driven, both big box and social.

That said, I’m sure that plenty believe in Rahm Emmanuel’s addage “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Anyone ascribing politics to this event, at this stage is just yanking chains. Too much is unknown. JMO.

What we do know is that the bomb appears to be the second most destructive device unleashed on American soil—behind OKC and ahead of Boston. It reportedly took McVeigh and Nichols 8 months to put their bomb together, and this one is in the same range of complexity and material—in terms of procurement—plus the recording. This tells us that it was a lot of work. What’s different is the obvious choices made to minimize loss of human life. The closest analogy there is the 1996 Manchester bombing, where the IRA issued warnings 90 minutes out, allowing for the evacuation of tens of thousands of people. That’s clearly the most noteworthy thing about this TN event, aside from it happening in the first place.

So the question then becomes what terrorist goal is worth the enormous amount of work and personal risk inherent in pulling this off, if actual *terrorism* is taken out of the equation? You can bet that a lot of people are trying to answer that question—figure out the goal, get the who; figure out who; get the goal.

This is a meaningful event in history, we just have no idea what it means yet. Again, JMO.


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