RE: New ride

Sweet! We picked up a used Longhorn super luxury Ram that my wife loved back in 2016. It was a sweet ride that pulled our camper trailer for a season or two.

Until my wife noticed it was rotting around the edges. Turns out it came from Canada which was why the price was good.

So we traded it in on my F150 in 2017 before the Dodge lost all value. Similar to yours. 5.0L (same logic) and ruby red metallic in Lariat leather trim. We went with the crew cab since, between us, my kids, and thier SOs we needed one vehicle that could hold 6 adults for a trip to the ice cream shop. My wife found it and insisted on buying it for our 30th anniversary. And it was made in the hometown Dearborn Truck Plant.

I plan on being buried in it.


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