RE: Need recommendation for an emergency power plant

Hahaha. “Make ’em ice cold.”

But you bring up an interesting point about the gasoline. There have to be some efficiency studies showing whether a battery unit, charged up by an ac outlet, is cheaper to use than a gas powered generator. Of course the battery jobs won’t run a big fridge much less an ac unit. And once you charge them up, do they stay charged up for a couple of months at least if not used?

I’ll be ticked off if I buy a big rig and a sheepish Ted Cruz leads an overreaction to the Texas storm so that we never lose power again.

The same way I was frustrated after I bought my million dollar insurance umbrella policy (incredibly cheap) and I couldn’t seem to get in an accident.

Oh, and the update is that we had power all day yesterday, with no interruption, skies are blue, and happy days are here again.

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