RE: Need recommendation for an emergency power plant

I know I’ve told this story before, but why not again? It’s Friday, after all.

Some years ago, my father in law was wandering around the tools/hardware section at our local Sears store. He did things like that. Just wandering around because he was bored.

Spotted a really sweet deal on a Craftsman gas powered electric generator. Someone had bought it, and for whatever reason decided to return it. Sears took the return, but now they were stuck with this thing, that had been unboxed and used, and couldn’t sell it as new.

So they made him a smokin’ deal on it. He ended up getting it for half price or something like that.

I don’t recall how powerful a unit it was. All I can say about that is it was all I could do to hump it into the back of a pickup truck. It was a pretty serious piece of machinery.

Well, my mother in law didn’t like this one bit. She thought it was a stupid thing to buy, a total waste of money. She absolutely wore him out over that thing for weeks. That’s what she did. She’d fixate on whatever it was in the universe that was irritating her right now, and lean into it until the next thing came around.

That went on for a while, when what do you know? A huge thunderstorm blows through town and knocks down a bunch of power lines. They ended up being out of power for three days.

I have never seen anyone take more pleasure in getting the last laugh than my father in law did during that outage. He tended the generator religiously (turns out it takes quite a lot of gasoline to keep one of those running continuously), and mostly kept their house powered. It had enough juice to run everything (including two refrigerators and a freezer chest) in addition to all the lights and such. The only thing it couldn’t run was the AC.

During the period of the outage, I found myself sitting with him on their deck. The generator was humming away beneath us.

My mother in law was piddling around in her flower garden, and came up the deck stairs.

“Hey Norma!, as long as your going inside, why don’t you bring me and Jeff a couple more ice cold beers!”

The glare from her was priceless.

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