RE: Need recommendation for an emergency power plant

Okay, here’s where I am on the emergency power solution:

I went up on a mountaintop, disrobed, ingested some peyote, and thought a lot about what I really need here.  What I realized was that neither I nor anyone else needs to heat, light, and cool an entire house during an emergency.  Nor does one really need to hire an electrician to hardwire the generator into the breaker box, with city inspections and remembering to turn off all the breakers except the ones you need in the emergency.

This revelation changes one’s requirements. What I need, and have now created, is a bunker in one spare bedroom.  It’s small, but bunkers are supposed to be small.  

It has an eastern facing window so I have plenty of light from dawn until noon.  I am buying a small gas powered generator, after going back and forth between gasoline and storage battery and installing a “pass through” system to allow the generator to connect to the few appliances I really need in an emergency (small fridge, space heater, lamp, and internet modem).

I ask most people how they get the power from the outside generator into the house and they say “through the window.” I guess they duct tape the gap between the window and the windowsill.  Horrors.

I found this pass through kit from Reliance Energy, which is exactly what I “invented” in my mind before realizing that someone else thought of this years ago.

My handyman took one look and said he could buy all the components individually from Home Depot for half the cost, so that’s the plan on that.

The only missing piece to my eee-vil plan is the generator itself.  I had plans on a Honda. My guy swears by Harbor Freight, which appears to be about 40% less expensive for the same power, but reviews on reliability are mixed.  Briggs And Stratton also sell a 3500 watt no frill generator for <$600.  I have a stupid prejudice against B&S dating back to my lawn mowing days: they were hard to start.  My father got us a Lawn Boy and I said “Hallelujah!”

So I am buying the generator today and should have the pass through kit installed next week.  Mini fridge, some Mexican cokes, some MRE’s, my pistol, some back issues of Superman,  and I’ll be ready for the commies when they come to take me out.  My guy offered to build me a .50 cal gun turret on the roof, accessible through the ceiling, but that will have to wait until next year.

My wife will not be joining me in the bunker. She’s tougher than an outer mongolian and indifferent to extremes of heat or cold.  And if I really need something other than what I’ve described, like a cookie or a napkin, I can just open the bunker door and yell down the hall for help.

“Dear, will you please bring me that bag of Chips Ahoy in the pantry?”

“Get it yourself.”

“I can’t. I’m in the bunker.”


“So the commies are coming and I have to get prepared.”

“Oh, lord.”

“Hurry, they could be here any minute!”

Am trying to post a photo here of my wife.

She took 10 miles walks to the store and back, at the height of the ice storm, because she would get restless.











So do you guys think I’ll be okay?

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