RE: Need recommendation for an emergency power plant

“For 50 years, the implicit assumption has been that lighter infrastructure was inherently better. Even before we thought up global warming.”

I don’t know anything about this and would like to hear more. I think what you are talking about is sheltering the plants and the gas wells with temporary heated structures or enclosures that can be broken down and removed in hot weather. That for sure is not the default thinking of our profit driven power companies.

My opinion is that people like me in standalone houses need to somehow become less reliant on the grid. Good for me directly and less stress on the community grid. I can’t at this point build a new house underground (remember that craze in the 70s and 80s? I thought it a very compelling idea.)

What I can do is get a battery and … “SIGH”

Even putting aside the battery business, my house probably leaks a ton of cool air in summer and warm air in winter. I have a new HVAC system and it works phenomenally … so.lomg as I have power.

And I have several huge sections of roof that could be capturing solar. I will be investing asap in an array of panels to put on my roof. They are very common in my neighborhood, and one friend somehow got the government to pay for it. The alternative is to bitch about the weather, the gummint, and the power companies. They can do better, but so can I.

I know it’s no immediate and equally productive substitute for fossils, but it’s not nothing. I’ll have to just do it, as Mrs. Wife will want to debate cost-benefit forever and we’ll never get anywhere.

Maybe I can connect my panels to a “YES, TO A BATTERY. JUST DO IT.” Okay, then.

Headed to Costco to get an appointment for an installer. And I need to investigate these subsidies and tax breaks. Those panels ain’t cheap.

I’m glad we had this conversation!

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