RE: Need recommendation for an emergency power plant

I appreciate the information.

I know I am like a dog with his bone about my battery idea, but surely one can run a mini-fridge on a large, thousand dollar camping battery for a couple of days (which you don’t need in a winter time blackout anyway; you just put the milk and the bacon etc. outside on the patio table.)

Also , you can use a small, propane powered gas stove or the patio gas grill to cook and boil water on, for coffee and washing your face and nether regions.

That leaves heat and light. I can run small space heaters and use camping lanterns.

My wife is against heaters of any kind … she’s like one of those northern Mongolia llama shepherds. So I guess all I really need is some heavy duty camping lanterns for the few hours of darkness we have before bedtime.

I can buy a lot of lanterns for the cost of a gas powered generator.

I’m glad we had this conversation.

No, I need to get something to power a couple of mini fridges fir a 2 days, and maybe a space heater. My wife may be indifferent to extreme cold, but I am not.

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