RE: Need recommendation for an emergency power plant

Again, for what it’s worth having been in the automotive industry and the increasing politicization of it for decades, I don’t think you’re out of the woods on a year to year basis.

First, your power problems are largely dictated by politics, not rationality. As Jeff talked about in another thread the power grid across the country is being continuously pushed to the limits of reliability. There hasn’t been a new coal fired power plant in something like 3 decades simply because the permitting process is an endless nightmare that won’t allow anything new to be built. Existing plants are being pushed to their functional limits of 95% plus capacity utilization. And they’re 40 or 50 years old. I read somewhere that Texas has also closed 3 coal power plants in the state in the last year or 2. Your state is on track to pull a California routinely for the next several years. Do you ever wonder why that state seems to burn every year? It’s because the environmentalists have basically banned controlled burns that have been standard land management techniques from the beginning of time. And rolling blackouts in California have long been a standard feature of every damn summer.

And CO2 driven global warming is proving to be a huge political con job. The real scientists (who aren’t political hacks grinding for more Federal funding of their useless existences) are generally noting decreased solar activity as the driver of the changing temperatures in the same way it happened during the “Maunder Minimum” of 1645-1715.

No, global warming is dead as evidenced by this record cold snap affecting not only something like 73% of the land mass of this country, but the entire Northern Hemisphere from Europe to Asia. And it doesn’t look to be going away anytime soon.

And there’s a reason hybrids like the Prius only ever achieved 3% market share nationally, mostly in DC and LA and electric vehicles have only hit about 1% market share currently (including Tesla) despite the technology being 35 years old now (remember GM’s EV1?)

No. I’ve almost got my wife talked into buying a generator in the near future (she’s kind of like Jeff’s MIL). And you can bet I’ll do that if I get close to an approval.

Not that you need to follow my bullshit, but I’m actually looking to put my skin in the game if possible.

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