RE: Monsters

Well, I just hope you made Todd Swersky ya’ll’s bitch for life for having taken those licks, LOL.  Where is he now?

As for Hitler, I always found it odd that the aristocratic, cultured talent in the officer corps didn’t conspire to kill him — and kill him — before Von Stauffenberg and his group gave it the old college try.  In 1941, he decided to both invade Russian and declare war on the USA.  Veddy intelligent.

Personal magnetism?  He sounds like a colossally untalented bore.  Sleeping till late morning as the allies were landing at Normandy? Even Goering must have been privately contemptuous.

My only other thought is that we for some reason do not assign “monster” to the murderous tyrants of centuries ago.  One doesn’t ever say “monster” in the same sentence as Charlemagne or Attila the Hun, but they were both arguably as cruel, or worse.  

Vlad the Impaler I suppose is justly remembered as a monster, but I can’t think of any others.  Okay, Caligula and Nero.  






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