RE: Lottery question for Rob

A glitch in the matrix, perhaps. No doubt induced from too much anal swabbing.

It happens.

Here’s a question: Suppose you buy a lottery ticket, and win BIG! I’m talking $500 million, after taxes, BIG!

What do you do?

Don’t pretend we haven’t all indulged that daydream. You know you have.

Here’s my plan: I’m going to build a drive in theater. And I mean the drive-in of all drive ins.

This place will be a “spare no expense” monument to mid-century Googie architecture. My working name is the “El Royale“. 

There will be a yuge sign by the road, and a yuge sign on the back of the screen. The snack bar will, of course, be fabulous. The second floor will include a full service, four-star restaurant and an elegant bar. 

To complete the experience, we’ll get the aluminum “hang on your windows” speakers made. But of course we’ll upgrade the guts to the latest, high-fidelity sound. And maybe even have the old “electric heaters you put in your car” recreated as well, so we can push the season by a month or two on either end.

Admission will be cheap. Maybe $5 or $10 per car. And the snack bar prices will be reasonable. And we’ll have a running promotion where any classic cars or hot rods get in free.

So yes, this place will lose money. Hand over fist. Part of the plan is taking a big chunk of cash and putting it in a trust dedicated to keeping it open.

I figure $25 million will be more than enough to build it, including land acquisition. Another $75 million in trust should be enough to throw off enough cash to keep it running forever. 

So for the low, low price of $100 million, Omaha will get the coolest and most iconic drive in in the history of cool and iconic drive ins.

I’m completely dedicated to this plan. But I still rarely ever buy a lottery ticket…


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