RE: Lottery question for Rob

In WA, the radio ads say that you have to consent to let your name be used in promotion if you accept. FWIW.

More interestingly, K and I rented a mother-in-law apartment in a nice neighborhood for a while, back in the late 90s. We actually lived around the corner from a lottery winner. 5 million, at the time. Thing is, the guy’s day job was owning a large construction company. It was just more bulk in his bottom line that year. The only outward sign that he had won anything was a new pool in his back yard (that one can reportedly see from the air flying in; his company did most of the work, too) and his and hers Cadillac STS Sevilles-which was the luxury sedan hotness at the time.  Otherwise, business as usual around their place. Go figure.

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