RE: Lottery question for Rob

I guess the question is whether your lawyer presents himself as the “winner’s agent”, or whether he presents himself as the winner.

My assumption is that the tickets are bearer instruments. You have the ticket? That’s it. It’s yours.

The stuff about the neighbors etc is exactly my thinking. Zillion dollar lottery winners are homeless. Your old circle will always resent you, but the “rich guys” won’t accept you as one of their own, either.

I almost never buy lottery tickets. Once every few years on a lark, maybe.

One complication on all this is video surveillance. The lottery people always know exactly when and where the winner was sold. So the “lawyer front man” strategy needs to extend to the initial purchase. Go somewhere far from home to buy your ticket, and wear a disguise. Covid helps here. A mask, a hat, and sunglasses should do it. But even then, you’ll need a dedicated hat and clothes you never wear anywhere else.

Maybe all this is too much trouble. 😂😂😂

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