RE: Looking for my post retirement occupation

I hear ya, Pete. My handyman is up to his NECK in work, Covid-19 regardless. When I ask him to come change a ballast in my kitchen fluorescent lights or somesuch, it’s “how about 2 weeks from Thursday?” Two weeks??? I’m exaggerating, but it’s never, ever same say service.

I tip him pretty good every time, hoping to become a preferred customer, but evidently everyone else is tipping heavily as well, because it never goes any faster for me.

He probably does a little more electricity than is legal (he doesn’t go near the breaker box, though, I don’t mean that), but my point js, there is no such thing as too many guys that know electricity. Not around here. And it’s just word of mouth and a cell phone — no website. Wife helps him when he needs someone to hold a flashlight or steady a ladder. I pay him by check and what happens after that is between him and the IRS.

What does “work time credit” mean? I guess you have to have supervised experience to get the license, like an apprenticeship?

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