RE: Look What All Y’all Started

Glad to help, LOL.

My own suvival project is finished, and the power actually obliged me the other day by going out again! I went outside, pushed the button on my gas generator, plugged the power cord into the outdoor pass-through receptacle, plugged in the TV, internet modem, and a light, and carried on. Worked awesome.

My next component will be one of the battery powered generators I started my thread with. Seems redundant, I know, since I already have the gas generator, and it is redundant, but I want a quiet, battery powered generator to keep indoors for brief outages, and will use the gas generator to charge up the battery generator if and as needed. For about $1500- 2000, I can get enough battery power to run the mini fridge, a couple of lamps, space heater and internet modem in on room going for maybe 6-8 hours which is a long outage for us. Don’t need lights in the daytime, and we can always just go to bed a few hours after sundown.

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