RE: Legacy media agrees on 2020 election conspiracy theory


Our first double-thread! Makes us kind of a grownup forum, eh?

Yesterday turned into a no-op. The family decided to wait. The house is sitting unoccupied (and uncleaned) for the moment. They decided they had different priorities, which I certainly understand. Ended up picking up a couple of the kids (dead guy’s nephews, that is) and spending the afternoon running around with them instead.

BTW, the inspiration for the other thread title was this great clip from The Big Short:


Saw a report the other day (I should go back and dig up the link) showing that, of the election lawsuits that have actually gotten to the evidentiary stage and where court’s have actually ruled, Trump has won 14 out of 21.

I don’t think this is over. To be clear, it’s over in the sense that Biden is and will remain President. But there is a non-zero possibility that this continues to percolate, and eventually something akin to a smoking gun is found.


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