RE: It’s January 3rd

Correct, sir. March 4 is the original inauguration day so after January 6, they’ve fenced off Capital Hill and brought in something like 25,000 armed National Guard troops to man the barricades for the Biden inauguration, which turned into an incompetent yawner without a single incident.

Then some of the Governors that had loaned troops got miffed and pulled their troops reducing the number to something like 8-9000. Still more than something like the middle east combined.

So after the impeachment failed miserably and Trump didn’t order the militias to stand down, it became “just wait until March 4th, that’s when Qanon internet chatter says they’ll be coming out of the hills out where I live to overthrow the Gummit, damn it!”

So they threw a party yesterday and made a big deal of shutting down the House (except for one useless usual suspect who showed how courageous he is by sitting on the Capital steps all day waiting for the white supremacist onslaught) because they’re all skeered of the revenge of the rubes.

Then literally nothing happened. It’s Capital Hill. Nobody ever needs to go there for anything and since the surrounding city has been shut down by COVID for a year, there’s nobody there on a good day.

Caught a little news report last night where a camera crew walked around the fence saying hi to the poor schmucks who have to be there. A block or two away there’s a new homeless tent encampment that the city has outfitted with porta johns. There were more news crews there than real people.

So now the “intelligence” (FBI and shit) says that March 4 was a “false flag” event and the “real” date is now March 20. Again, based on the mysterious Qanon guy.

And this General Honorae (sp?) lunatic that Pelosi hired to do a security review of the Capital has recommended that the troops be permanently stationed there. For, like, forever.

This is one of the perks of living where I live. A literally infinite source of entertainment.

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