RE: Interesting article on the reporting around the “asian spa massacre” in Atlanta

Funny you should mention that. I was about to say something very similar.

It is really pretty ridiculous how all The Usual Suspects jump to all the expected conclusions whenever this sort of thing happens. It all feels so performative. To the point of being perfunctory.

I don’t recall (can’t say I’ve really looked, to be fair) any national politician or commentator making the point that when you put a population under extreme stress for a year+, crazy shit is going to happen.

Whether you think the lockdowns were a life-saving necessity, or an insane over-reaction to a minor threat, it makes no difference. Justified or not, there are consequences to a policy like that. And now, like it or not, those consequences are baked into the cake. What ever is going to happen is going to happen. Caged animals will not stay docile forever. 

It all becomes a numbers game. Let’s say we exclude people under age 15. What’s that leave? Something like 250 million Americans? Even if only 0.001% of those people are at their breaking point, that leaves 2,500 people out there who are ready to snap and who knows what they might do.

Of course, my WAG could easily be off by two orders of magnitude, and there are actually 250,000 people on the verge of insanity running around out there.

Kind of makes me feel good about that .45 sitting in my desk drawer right now.

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