RE: In other news, remember Derek Chauvin and George Floyd?

Some on the jury … will be worried that their names will leak out and their houses burned down with them in itFrom robjh22

I wonder what the defense could do with that. Seems like there’s a pretty good argument for moving the trial to some remote part of the state, if only to obtain an impartial jury.

But I’m no lawyer.

I also wonder what the defense can do with the fact that these guys have already been convicted by politicians all over the country. I wonder how much latitude the judge will give the defense to Voir Dire prospective jurors.

I’m pretty confident that the judge won’t allow anything about Floyd’s prior convictions (he shouldn’t), but there is plenty of exculpatory evidence the defense can point to that deals with his conduct and state of impairment immediately prior to being restrained.

The part of all this that sickens me the most is that, whatever the outcome, the racial composition of the jury will be the story. It feels like in our quest for racial justice, we’ve restored the state of affairs found in Mississippi, circa 1954.


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