RE: In other news, remember Derek Chauvin and George Floyd?

Oh, my prediction is just gut based, not legally based. Some on the jury will be sympathetic to Floyd, and some will be worried that their names will leak out and their houses burned down with them in it.

Lawyers are just hired guns. We don’t know any more than anyone else when it comes to this kind of stuff. Probably less, if anything, LOL.

I do know that the prosecutor is going to darken the lights and play that videotape as a climax to his presentation … all 8 minutes of it. Four minutes would be an eternity. Eight minutes? Glad I won’t be there.

It’s funny how jury instructions say things like, “Your verdict must be based on the evidence, not on sympathy for the victim or antipathy for the defendant.” And that’s “the law,” but who is capable of setting aside personal feelings?

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