RE: I’ll tell you WTF happened in 1972

What’s the path forward look like? Does your daughter indicate she wants some form of ongoing contact/relationship? Do you?

And what’s up with Arly these days? Have you made contact there?

I can’t begin to grok what a bizarre twist of fate this all is.


Back to my sister in law. She ended up getting married a few years after the adoption kerfuffle. The man she married had a daughter from a previous marriage, and in a really odd twist of fate, the recently re-surfaced daughter has the same first name. That’s weird.

The two of them went on to have two more kids. They are both 20-somethings now. What I’ve come to learn is that the hardest part on my sister in law is that they never told any of the three kids about the baby that was adopted. It was well and truly buried in the past.

Until it wasn’t. Apparently, everything is out in the open now. No idea how the kids reacted to learning about their long lost half sister. Not that it matters much to me. The two younger ones are real douchebags anyway.


I’ve never submitted a DNA sample to any of those sites. There’s enough “Edward Snowden” in me that I don’t trust it. But both of my brothers have. I wonder if they selected the “private” option, and if they didn’t, if I could be tracked anyway.


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