RE: How and when did your political orientation develop?

I don’t know how it developed. Parent’s were never political. Dad was like any other mid-level auto executive. Mom was stay at home. Political talk was never part of our household.

But I was raised in Detroit in the 70’s with all the post-war post-hippy devastation of drug addiction and the cratering of the auto industry. The draft ended in ’75. I graduated in ’79 and registered but never went. I was watching “last one out of Michigan turn out the lights” in real time. And as a musician I’ve spent plenty of time in and around 8 mile of Eminem fame. Puked my guts out on a dumpster behind Cobo Hall after a Ted Nugent concert bombed out of my gourd on willingly sold beer even though I was 19 and the drinking age was 21. And don’t get me started on Canada and their 19 year old drinking age, good real beer, and other unmentionables. And in the 70’s, Canada’s economy sucked worse than ours. The exchange rate was profound.

As an engineer and in the auto industry it was just natural to hate the government.

As a general political philosophy I’ve always voted for whoever would promise to do as close to nothing as possible. Turns out that’s always been Republican although I did win a bet in high school when Jimmy Carter was elected. Hey, good odds are good odds.

Nothing’s changed my mind since. Just continuously reinforcing that what I have always known. 


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