RE: History Predicts “Buckle Up”

OK, grew up in Dearborn, MI hometown of Henry Ford and the company that bears his name. Anything you’ve ever seen or read about Ford, I’ve walked those streets (and most of the buildings) much of my life. Took a field trip to the legendary Rouge plant in the 5th grade. Witnessed the blast furnaces pouring steel from a catwalk above. At like 10 years old.

Dad was a real estate executive for Ford, American Motors, and Chrysler. Brother worked for Rousch. I’m not so much an enthusiast as a genetic product of the auto industry.

Got my career start engineering controls (the actual programming that goes into the controller that makes the car run) for Ford. Sidhe’s ’85 Town Car is only slightly ahead of my time, but a couple years later and I probably had a small part in designing it. My world was dyno cells, test tracks, pre-laptop DOS in-vehicle programming tools, 8 inch thick binders of program documentation, etc.

And emissions regulation, testing, verification, penalties, agencies, etc.

This is the back story.

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