RE: History Predicts “Buckle Up”

As an aside, it’s the end of an era at Chez Sidhe: I’ve gone Japanese. 

The halcyon days of Japanese automotive QC was, IMHO, in the early Lexus years, and I just found a survivor: a mint condition, all records from new, 10/10 interior 9/10 exterior Lexus ES300 with 106K on the clock. 1999/Gen3; we are the 3rd owners (one owner from new to 2017).

So, it is with sadness that the other survivor from the grand days of USA QC—my ‘86 townie with the proven parts from the bin under the “Rolls Royce” sheet metal—has to find a new home.

J, let me know if Sunnie needs a cool and reliable HS ride. I’ll cut you the friends and family deal.


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