RE: History Predicts “Buckle Up”

I thought about this last night and it dawned on me that maybe it’s more of a time suck for Biden’s lawyers at EPA than anything clearly legal.


Now I’m sure Trump’s EPA lawyers (who just may be the same people as Biden’s) came up with an argument that they’re at least pretty sure it will fly, but overturning it will take at least a year of their time.


And reporting requirements like this are a colossal cluster to gather, collate, staple, and mail. And keeping with automotive as an example (since they disingenuously bitched when Trump decided to fight), you’ve got maybe 500 or more facilities and subsidiary facilities producing maybe 20 major variants, each with 7 or 8 minor variants in 8 countries with development times between 1 to 6 years to plan out on the order of several billions of dollars worth. This order is in reality a major blessing in paperwork reduction.


And then Biden reverses it in a year.


And Trump says, “Miss me yet?”

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